Furnaces – High Efficiency

Furnaces have come a long way since the old energy wasting units with standing pilot lights. These days, furnaces come with electronic ignition systems and can operate up to 98% efficiency. Add a heat pump to your system and you can push that number even higher. Not only is that good for your budget, it’s good for the environment. Higher efficiencies mean lower emissions.

Time for an upgrade? With so many brands to choose from at different price points, let us make it easy for you. Quality, longevity and customer care are what are important to us. Our good brand choice is Payne. For a better alternative, we offer Carrier. The quality is high, the price is fair and the incidences of breakdown and repair are low. Carrier has built their reputation as having one of the best warranty programs in the marketplace today and one that is needed the least often. As your local authorized Carrier dealer, you can look to R&B as an established local business – not just an ‘800 number that goes to a call centre in Timbuktu.

Check our Seasonal Promotions page for the latest offers, grants and savings on new installations. The best quality at a competitive price with money back in your pocket is extremely satisfying. We offer payment options too!

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