Why do a furnace TLC with FortisBC rebate program

All it needs is a little TLC right? But what is TLC, and why does your gas fired appliance – furnace, boiler, water heater – need it? And why does FORTIS BC care so much about TLC for these appliances that they’ve assigned grant money to it? In 2011 Fortis BC launched the TLC maintenance rebate program for natural gas appliances, and its returning this year between September 15th – October 31st, 2016. Its purpose is to encourage the efficient use, continued safety and reliability of natural gas. The truth is that historically an average of 10% of program participants have identified leaks and other problems during these inspections. Full program benefits (taken from the Fortis BC website) include:
  •  Leak detection – an inspection can detect even the slightest leak in customers’ gas piping.
  •  Warranty – some manufacturers require regular servicing to ensure the warranty remains valid.
  •  Efficiency – a gas contractor can test to see if a furnace is operating as efficiently as possible, and make the adjustments required to ensure that it is..
  •  Safety – a gas contractor will inspect the area around appliances to make sure there is proper ventilation and that no combustibles are nearby. They will also analyze combustion and ensure there the exhaust is clear, and the levels of carbon monoxide are safe, and not entering your home.
  •  Air quality – a gas contractor can check furnace filters, show homeowners how to replace them and recommend how often. As well, they can recommend ways to improve your air quality.
Who can do the work? Many companies will advertise these services, and many with discounted pricing. Fortis BC has a certification program that ensures we are licensed, certified and insured for your peace of mind. As a FORTIS BC certified contractor, R&B will adhere to the strictest best practices, and complete the FORTIS BC furnace / boiler / fireplace service checklist. Do you qualify?
  •  You must be a FortisBC residential natural gas customer.
  •  The maintenance service must be carried out by a BC Safety Authority licensed natural gas contractor
  •  The service must occur between September 15 – October 31, 2016.
  •  If you qualify, your rebate will appear as a credit on your natural gas bill.
How to apply
  1.  Review the terms and conditions.
  2.  Contact R&B to book your furnace or boiler and/or fireplace service.
  3.  Return your completed and signed application form along with a copy of your invoice to the TLC rebate program.
For more information about FortisBC’s Give Your Furnace Boiler (or Fireplace) Some TLC program call R&B.