From the Desk of a Plumber’s Wife – No Heat, The Resolution

Much like the cobbler whose children have no shoes, we are the family of a heating technician…well anyway.  We had no heat.

When my husband came upstairs with our old filter, it was gray and fluffy where it should have been smooth and white. Really! Our filter should’ve been changed at least 2 – 4 times each year and so should yours.  Furnace maintenance is one of those things that slide to the bottom of the list because when it works, we don’t think about it.   Add to the fact that filters come in so many grades and sizes it’s hard to know what to buy.  But replacing filters is easy to learn, and buying them is as easy as telling R&B the model number of your furnace.

At R&B we supply quality grade filters in all sizes, and the furnaces are designed so the homeowners can install these themselves.  There is a great DIY video on how you can check and replace your furnace filters.

For a quick education on air quality visit this section of our website: Air Filters and Filtration. There you will find an easy to read and understand explanation on how they are rated and what things like HEPA actually mean.

Then once per year, have R&B out for your reoccurring maintenance and annual safety service. Your home’s heating system, water heaters and fireplaces will be serviced and maintained from inspections to filter replacement.  The bundled services will save you money, plus it improves air quality, efficiency and protects you against an unexpected winter heat failure.

We believe that spending a little money on regular maintenance will help our customers avoid taking advantage of our 24-hour emergency service.  We want you to be warm and happy, and your winters warm and stress free from the furnace room.

I wish we had; but now we do!


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