Pool and Patio

None work “the best” – application is everything. Do you want to use portable tanks or have them run on your natural gas feed? You can buy patio heaters at big box stores. They will work OK and be heavily discounted. The trade off is that they don’t always work well, they don’t last, and parts availability is almost non-existent. Plus, you will be running to the store for propane refills more often than you might think. They are not very efficient.

If you want to buy this type of product once, look for a professional grade, natural gas product. You will choose either an infrared system that heats the person, or a radiant product that heats the space. Either way by buying and installing quality you can expect longevity rather than disposability. Down the road, if service and repair is required parts will be available and repair rather than replace is an option.

We have done some very nice patio heater installations. Check out our gallery to view.

Not unless they are heated by a gas boiler.

Yes. Pool heaters, like any gas fired boiler, are very familliar to us. We often troubleshoot and repair them.

They can be serviced and maintained at the same time as your home heating, so remember to book us for both and save money.