In BC we have BC One Call, www.bconecall.bc.ca, 1800-474-6886. They are often able to help you with general area information over the phone. More specific diagrams and measurements can be obtained usually within a few days.

They will send you municipal drawings and diagrams via email as well.

They are an excellent service, and your municipality is probably a member so by living in the area, the service is free.

White powder on the top of your hot water tank is likely NOT asbestos. It can actually be an indicator of a concern though, usually that your tank isn’t venting properly. This will shorten the life of your tank and should be addressed. Call for an appointment 604-980-1369.

This answer depends on where your fridge is leaking. If the water is coming from inside the fridge, and pooling inside, it is an appliance repair. If the leak is anywhere outside the skin of the fridge, including the coupling attaching the line to the fridge, it is a plumbing repair. To be sure, if possible, slide your fridge out for a look.

Newer furnaces can move a lot more air. Sometimes, when your house has an older cold air return vent, it can restrict the air intake. This can lead to a whistling sound. The solution is usually fairly easy in the modification or replacement of the intake cover of the return air vent to allow for less restriction of airflow. In some cases the installation of second cold air return is necessary.