Whether it’s new construction, renovation, service, maintenance, repair, or just good advice, R&B is able to meet your needs. We provide plumbing, heating, cooling, and gas fitting expertise, and emergency service for both commercial and residential clientele. We specialize in brands such as American Standard, Kohler, IBC, Carrier, & Viessman, but are completely capable and certified in all brands.

Quality draws quality. If you are looking for another trade, ask us for a referral. We have a wide range of companies who we can confidently recommend for such things as: electrical, construction, landscaping, painting, and window glass.

In general, we don’t sell fittings and pipe lengths to the public that we don’t install. General hardware stores are good for those items.

If you are looking for specialty parts to repair non-big box store fixtures, we may be able to help you out. If you are looking for higher quality fixtures to purchase, we can recommend a great supplier for you.

Yes, we do sell furnace filters. If you know your size call ahead and we’ll have it ready for you. If you don’t, call with your model number and we can recommend the best fit.

Yes R&B will install products purchased by the customer, and often do. The most common requests for this service included faucets and showerheads.

One piece of advice we have in this case, buy quality. If we provided the fixture and it’s defective we will replace it no charge. If you supply the fixture and are only paying for our labour to install it, you may find yourself paying twice or three times to re&re a defective part. These are expenses you may not be able to recoup that from the store you purchased the part from.