Air Quality

An HRV is a way to maintain the appropriate ventilation for your house without constantly bringing in cold air. All homes, especially today’s “tight” or well sealed homes, need a constant flow of air exchange to keep humidity down and the air clean.

What an HRV does is use the exhaust air, that you have already spent money to heat, to heat the incoming air through a heat exchange process. That way the incoming fresh air is warmed by, but not mixed with, the exhaust air. This takes the load off your furnace and reduces gas consumption. It improves both efficiency and air quality.

In the future, we expect see HRV becoming standard in the building code.

This is a person or company who designs air movement systems for buildings. They are typically used for large-scale projects such as schools, office buildings, commercial kitchens, etc.

For residential applications, your R&B ventilation specialist can easily meet your needs.  We can provide certifications as may be required by inspectors.

Whether it is done by chemical or mechanical means, a stand-alone air cleaner is a portable, self sufficient appliance designed to clean the air. They work well if you have one room or space that needs extra help – say for a smoker. We often recommend a unit that will combine with your existing heating system and benefit the whole home. Be sure to look at our air quality section.