Electronic Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers

You work hard to clean the dirt you can see, but what about the dirt you can’t?  Perhaps it’s the dust and pollen, mould and fungi or mildew?  Maybe it’s the smoke or exhaust or pet dander, or possibly the dust mite and other insect debris.  Why are you looking for an electronic air filter?  Whatever your  reason, it makes sense.

If you are currently changing your regular furnace filters several times per year and still suffering from things like nose and throat irritation, runny nose, congestion or asthma flares inside your house, an electronic air cleaner may be just the addition for you.

Electronic Air Cleaners don’t just filter the air, they also use electricity to charge and polarize airborne particles to make them “stick” to cell walls within the unit. Honeywell’s F300 Air Cleaner is an excellent example of this type of technology allowing for the capture of up to 99% of pollutants. An added benefit is that the collection cells can be washed by the homeowner and reinstalled.  This means that there are no ongoing additional charges for filter replacements.

Air purifiers differ from air cleaners in that they don’t just remove the particles from the air, the actually kill live bacteria, germs, and mould spores using an ultraviolet light.  They are especially useful in home applications where occupants suffer from allergies and asthma.  The Carrier Infinity Air Purifier  is an award winning air purifier that has top ratings in providing healthier, cleaner air and in ease of use.

Either has a compact size which allows these units to be installed with, or after, your existing furnace system and also as a stand-alone for radiant systems.  Call today for a free in-home estimate.