Duct Cleaning – Blog 1 – Series Introduction

Thinking of having your ducts cleaned?  Save your money. Consider a filter change instead.

Fall is a busy time starting with Halloween costumes, and carrying right through until New Years with hardly a stop in between to take a breath.  Somewhere in there though, you will be turning on your heat – and regardless of how busy you are, you will be taking a breath.  If you have forced air, the first burst of warm air will no doubt be a little musty smelling and you will see little particulates of dust in the low winter sun’s rays.   You may be inclined to phone one of those duct-cleaning companies who love to advertise this time of year.   Our advice?  Don’t.  Here’s why.

At R&B we are against duct cleaning for maintenance purposes for several reasons.  In this series we will explain when to duct clean and when to look at better options for your air quality.  What you probably need is a second look at your filtration system and possibly (let’s be honest) PROBABLY, a filter change.

At R&B we stock a better quality of filter than you can get at the big box stores as well as many specialty filters for brands like Carrier.  Read our website on Air Filtration or call our office with your make and model.  We’ll know what you need.

Need more than just a filter change?  Consider a filtration system.  Visit our Air Quality page to review the many options available to you.  Or better yet, phone us for an in house estimate for recommendations.  Like air, it’s free.