Cooling – An option for every budget

Are you ready to beat the heat? Thanks to the cool guy above, keeping your home comfortable is a breeze with the right air conditioner!

In 1902, Willis Carrier, inventor of the modern air conditioner, submitted the first drawings for his invention.  This lead to recognition by authorities in the field, who determined that air conditioning must perform 4 basic functions:1) control temperature; 2) control humidity; 3) control air circulation and ventilation; and 4) cleanse the air.  While the basic functions haven’t changed, technology has.

At R&B Plumbing we are happy to discuss your cooling needs to help you find the right unit, and most importantly; make sure you get the best return on your investment.  While there are the entry level  portable units available at big box stores in the $500 range, they are usually limited to cooling around 400 square feet, and they are large bulky units.  There is also the classic “window shaker” in the $1000 range, but they take up window space, and although they are getting slimmer, are still at least 10 inches deep.  They too are limited for the square footage they cover.  Luckily there is a better way.

Here are some cool options we can assist you with:

Mini-Split or Ductless Split

Starting at: $2500
No duct work? No Problem!
Mini-Split or Ductless Split systems cool rooms without ductwork – so rooms with radiant or in-floor heat, and even those without windows or exterior walls. The indoor wall unit connects to an outside condenser. Each interior unit cools a specific area, and you can have as few as one unit or several throughout your home.  New units generally have a slim profile, making them an efficient and attractive option.  And don’t forget gents, they come with a remote control!

Central Air – cooling only

Starting at: $4000
Easy to use and nearly invisible!
Installing central air is straightforward for spaces that have existing duct work, making it the most aesthetically pleasing choice for cooling. This system is extremely responsive to temperature changes, ideal for cooling your entire home in a matter of minutes.

For an additional $1000 – $1500 you can get an

Air Source Heat Pump

You read that right! A heat pump is a great option for cooling your home in the summer. By operating in reverse, they remove heat and humidity from the inside room to the outside. In the winter, that process is reversed creating heat for inside the home. – An attractive option for those that are also looking to save on their home heating bill.  They are actually more efficient than the highest efficiency gas furnace.

Cooling Maintenance

Don’t forget to book an annual cleaning and maintenance inspection to make sure your system is free from debris, draining properly and that all mechanical and electrical parts are in working order. Book your appointment today!