Converting from Electric Appliances to Gas

Natural gas is typically used to heat our homes and water, however, there are other ways to take advantage of the fuel savings over electricity.  By choosing gas instead of electricity for your appliances, they will be more efficient, heat faster, use less energy, and emit fewer pollutants.  Also, gas appliances typically last longer.At R&B Plumbing, Heating & GAS, we highly recommend it! In recent years, the price differential between electric appliances and gas had diminished and in some cases reversed.  For example, you can purchase a new gas range or stove top for the same price, and in some cases a lower price, than its electric counterpart.  That’s good news!

  • For Cooking – Consider a gas range, cook top, or wall oven
  • Clothes Dryers – You can purchase an entry level gas dryer in the $450.00 range.  Although that is an average of $200.00 more than the cost to purchase an entry level electric dryer, the drying time of a gas dryer is half that of electric and the cost of gas is around 30% lower than electricity.  So the value of the purchase will be offset by the benefits in a reasonable amount of time.

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