Clogged Drain

Would you like to know a secret?  We had a clogged drain in our kitchen sink of monumental proportions a few weeks ago and my first-hand experience has resulted in a series of tips from my DH who is also a master plumber.

Even though we are the proud owners of a top of the line Insinkerator Pro 1100 garburator, (installed!), This garburator has a full 1 horse power motor, and is one of the quietest on the market.  The Pro Series can even chew up bones.  I know we are composting now, but it is hard to compost soup, stew, and cereal bowl dregs.  Plus, sometimes the item for the compost is so stinky, you really just want it gone right away.  One thing a garburator can’t do for you, no mater how good, is get food that has gone down the other side of your double sink.  I learned the hard way about clogging sinks.

I post this now because we’ve just survived, I mean enjoyed the holidays and many of you will have had a LOT of excess food around and some of it will end up down the sink.  This, unfortunately, leads to an extremely high incidence of clogged drains this time of year.  Want to avoid it?  In this blog series I will give you some tips for avoidance and for treatment before you call the professional.

If you still need help, call R&B and then look at the blog on how to clear clogged drains so you know what to expect.

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