Clogged Drain – DIY Drain Cleaning

What to do before you call R&B.

  1. First fill the sink and then drain it with the garburator on. Sometimes the extra pressure of all that water with the power of the garburator behind it will push through the clog.

As a maintenance and prevention measure you should try and do dishes in the garburator side.  This will have the same effect.  Or every once in a while, just fill the sink with hot water and then drain with the garburator on.   Maybe save this one for the winter when its raining and no one is worried about water shortages.  This will generate pressure behind the draining water and add power to that gravity fed drain system.  It will serve to help wash any accumulated matter in the transverse pipes right down to the main.

  1. Still stuck? Try the toilet plunger.  If you have a double sink, be sure to plug the other side first and have someone hold it down.  Keep your mouth closed sometimes it sprays.
  2. Never ever use chemical drain cleaner. And if its too late for that piece of advice, never use it with hot water.  Chemical drain cleaners can be extremely volatile.

If none of this works, it is time to call R&B.  Read the next blog in this series for tips on what to expect when your plumber comes to clear your clogged drain.

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