How to Choose the Best Furnace System – Blog 2 – What to Consider

What will your great plumbing and heating company tell you about how to choose a furnace system for your house?

Consider Brand:  Chose one that’s been proven to last and has an excellent warranty.  A quality installer will already be choosing products that have been proven in their experience to provide the best customer experience.  That means fewer warranty issues than other brands and local accessibility when things do go wrong.  At R&B we use Carrier for our better / best furnaces and IBC for our boilers.

Consider Rebates, promotions and grants:  Furnaces go on sale in the fall and heat pumps go on sale in the spring.  If you have the choice of timing, look for these deals.  They can often be combined with Fortis BC grants and other industry incentives to save the most money possible.  When comparing quotes, remember to check for how these are represented.  It can often make a quote look several hundred dollars different

Consider Sizing: Your estimator would have taken into account the square footage of your house and sized the furnace appropriately.  For large houses he would offer the most economical solutions.  If you are planning a substantial renovation, let us know.  We will ensure the appropriate size of furnace for your future needs.

Consider air quality: Now is the time to install improved air filtration appliances.  Ask for add-on pricing for electronic air cleaners or upgraded filters.  If you get all the work done at the same time there can be significant cost savings.

Consider Efficiency: Furnace pricing specials often come coupled with a heat pump.  These appliances can increase your efficiency in the winter and cool your home in the summer.  If you plan to be in your home a long time, you can enjoy the added comfort that a heat pump offers and realize a payback on fuel savings as well.

Get Options: At R&B we offer three price points of ‘good, better or best’ allowing you to choose the one that fits your budget while still meeting the heating needs.

The leap between needing a new furnace and being warmed for the first time by your new purchase is often hurried along more than we are comfortable with by the complete and total failure of the pre-existing unit.  The other important option we offer is financing.  More than any other purchase, the financing of a furnace purchase makes sense as the cost savings on fuel, offset the cost of the payments.

As a consumer, you probably want to choose the best furnace for your house.  With these tips, you can be more informed to ask the right questions so you are happy with your purchase.