Carrier Heat Pump Recall

The smoke is gone, the a/c is cooling and the summer is belatedly rolling along, right?  Maybe not.  If you haven’t heard, Carrier has issued a heat pump recall.  The problem is that a faulty component, ironically, can create excessive heat on the surface of the outdoor units.  In order to keep yourself and your home safe, your heat pump will need to have a part replaced.

Want to know the truth?  As the owner of a Carrier Heat Pump that was a part of the recall, I can tell you that fixing the issue was dead easy.  Our unit has run without incident since the installation date in 2012 and continues to provide excellent cooling in the summer and efficiency in the winter.  The recall work had no effect on the performance of the unit either before or after the change.

From the Carrier Dealer information sheet: “The objective of this recall is to remove and replace a circuit board supplied to Carrier by Emerson, which is located on the inverter”. As with all recalls there is no charge to the customer for this service.  R&B will manage everything from ordering parts to the warranty claim so there is almost no inconvenience to you.

How will you know if your unit is part of the heat pump recall?  The recall is based on the model and serial number and includes units manufactured between 2011 and 2014. R&B keeps detailed notes on our customer’s systems, so we can help you with that.

As a bonus, if you are an R&B customer, we can tell you the last date of service on your unit.  Please take advantage of this recall booking as the recall covers the first hour of service.

Call our office today at (604) 980-1369 and we can take care of you from start to finish.