Carrier Cool Cash for Fall 2018 – Heating Discounts

The Heating Shock

Most of our heating customers get their annual heating service each year without the need for further work.  However, if you are like our recent fall customer, Mrs. Leaf, your experience might be that the annual service of your heating equipment resulted in the discovery of such high levels of Carbon Monoxide that your equipment was red tagged and shut down.

The Save

Have I got your attention?  While this is an expensive shock, the arrival of Fall also brings back grants and rebates to take the chill off that bad news.  Not only is there a Fortis rebate of $500, but Carrier has also brought back Cool Cash Rebates.

Carrier Cool Cash is a great rebate being offered from our favorite heating manufacturer for customers who want to, or let’s be honest, must replace their heating system.  This year it runs from August 27 – November 15, 2018.  The savings are great, but understanding the brochure can be tricky. Luckily for you, you are reading this blog and I will help make it clear.

The Brass Tacks

Comparison shopping for new heating or cooling systems can be a challenge with many different manufactures and installers offering different discounts, options, and packages.  The Carrier Cool Cash package can save you up to $1765, which is a generous promotion, but only if that’s what you’re looking for.  Very few households will access the full rebate, which requires a geothermal type of heating.

You might be thinking, I just want a furnace, how much can I save?

Here are the Carrier Cool Cash basics for you.

  • Furnace only – $50 – $200 rebate depending on model
  • Heat Pump only – $50 – $250 rebate depending on model
  • Air Purifier only – $150 rebate

What’s the catch?  There are two. First, the savings come in the form of rebates, which are sent directly to the customer after registration of the unit.  This means they do not result in a reduction of the amount paid for the unit at the time of installation.  Second, Carrier Cool Cash rebates will require you to purchase one of four new Wi-Fi controllers to trigger the rebates.  The great news is that even the controllers have perks and rebates. For example:

  • Infinity Touch with Wi-Fi will get a $150 rebate off the control.
  • Ecobee 4 Pro will come with Amazon Alexa built right in saving you the money you may have spent buying the home automation system.

You may be wondering what purchase combination will get you $1765 in Carrier Cool Cash rebates, and it’s the Geothermal heating unit with fan coil, air purifier, and home automation kit.

What’s the most I can get without the expense of installing a geothermal unit?

  • Carrier Greenspeed Furnace
  • Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump
  • Infinity Wi-Fi controller
  • Infinity Air Purifier

Total Potential rebate                                                      $1350.00

What should you do?

That added to the Fortis Rebates of $500 – $700 may take some of the sting out of your new furnace this season.  If you’re like Mrs. Leaf and a new heating system is in your future, call R&B first.  You will get personal in-home service to find the right system for you and your family.  Estimates are always free.