Gurgling Drain Causes

Drain Cleaning

Have you noticed drains around your home making gurgling noises? While the obvious way to tell a drain is clogged is slow drainage, this gurgling sound can let you know that something is wrong with your drains before it’s too late. Here are some causes for a slow gurgling drain. The most common and obvious…

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Hot Water Heater Safety & Repairs

With all the free time most of us are experiencing at home, you might be tempted to fix some things up around the house! This is great! However, when it comes to your hot water heaters it’s not recommended and often unsafe to try the DIY method. At R&B Plumbing, we are ready to assist…

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Smart Thermostat Blog R&B

Thinking about making an upgrade around your home? Upgrading a thermostat is a simple way to improve your quality of life very easily! But what’s the best way to pick a thermostat that suits your needs? The standard today is to buy a Smart thermostat. But what does that mean? We are going to break…

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Improve the Air Quality in Your Home and Kill Viruses

Air Quality System

You Can Improve the Air Quality in Your Home and Kill Viruses With: – The iWave Air Purifier – Evap-Fresh No Rinse Coil Cleaner – Filters The iWave Air Purifier How does it works? The iWave releases positive and negative ions into the air that passes through your ducts. When these ions come in contact…

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Carrier Cool Cash for Spring– Deciphering Discounts

Cool Cash Rebate

SAVE SAVE SAVE. Have I got your attention? Now what does it all mean? Carrier Cool Cash, a great rebate offering from our favorite manufacturer, runs from April until the end of June. Can you figure it out? Let me help. Comparison shopping for new heating or cooling systems can be a challenge with many…

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Vancouver Facing Air Quality Issues: Improve Your Indoor Air Quality to Stay Safe

Air Quality

This winter is bringing air quality issues to Vancouver and surrounding areas. That’s because winter weather conditions are leading to poor dispersion of air pollutants, causing emissions from local sources such as vehicles, fireplaces, wood stoves, and outdoor burning to significantly impact fine particulate matter levels present in Vancouver neighborhoods, according to the Vancouver Courier.…

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Furnace Parts – What do they do?

North Vancouver Heating Repair

Furnace parts, am I right? If your heat has stopped working, started to make a strange noise, or if your furnace has started grinding, or gone BANG! Then you’ve called for help. After a thorough diagnosis your brilliant R&B technician has announced what the problem is… and you’re still left wondering, what did he say…

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Choosing the right toilet

Vancouver plumbing and heating service

If you’re wondering what you need to know to to choose the right toilet for your upgrade or bathroom renovation, Sally of R&B can help. There are two ways that you can ensure that you have the right toilet for your comfort and space. You may wish for R&B to supply the toilet for replacement,…

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New Heating System Quote – What Questions To Ask

Heating System

If you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a new heating system and you’re like most, you’ve done some research. You’re familiar with the standard efficiencies and maybe even the difference between a single stage furnace and two stage-modulating unit.  Maybe you attended the Vancouver Fall Home Show where you could explore some of the…

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