The calm before the storm sewer

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Are you ready? It’s late October and while it’s not yet raining in Vancouver, it will!  Will you be ready?  Even a native like me, who is experienced with Vancouver rain, never really believes it will actually flood… I mean, the storm sewer has managed the water every other year, and those people whose basements […]

Heat Pump

Carrier Heat Pump Recall

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The smoke is gone, the a/c is cooling and the summer is belatedly rolling along, right?  Maybe not.  If you haven’t heard, Carrier has issued a heat pump recall.  The problem is that a faulty component, ironically, can create excessive heat on the surface of the outdoor units.  In order to keep yourself and your […]

home insurance

Home Insurance: What Doesn’t it Cover?

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This is the time of year when our home insurance comes due and like many people, I have to force myself to be interested enough to read the coverage.  So many things are bundled, and have different deductibles and coverage that the list becomes quite lengthy.  If you are like me, you gloss over it […]

patio renovation

Return on Investment – Blog 8 – Patio Renovation

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Now that you’ve maximized your return on investment for the inside renovations, let’s look at what sellers are doing with patio renovations to please potential buyers. High expectations for patios and outdoor “living rooms” are typically present when buyers are looking for homes in the $3M to $4M range and up.  That’s not to say […]

Kitchen Reno

Return on Investment – Blog 7 – Kitchen Renovation

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Whether you’re planning your kitchen renovation to make selling easier, or for your own enjoyment, it’s probably the most expensive room that you’ll do.  For that reason, you’ll want to make choices that will hold their value over time.  In this series return on investment is the focus. Kitchens have endless potential features when it comes […]