The Big 5 –What should my home inspector look for?

Holmes On Homes has really brought the idea of building code violations and the inspection process to the forefront of our minds. Luckily in Vancouver, there are several good quality companies to choose from. Although they will have a list of things to check, some of the following items are considered ‘extras’. We think they are important.

5 (ok, 6) Things the Inspector should do:

1. Perform a carbon monoxide test.
2. Confirm the age and efficiency of heating equipment.
3. Check to see if systems appear to have been well maintained.
4. See if the ductwork is sealed with aluminum tape or mastic sealant. They may note the possibility of asbestos tape on older furnaces.
5. Check the serial number on the hot water heater to determine the age.
6. Note any obvious signs of leakage or corrosion on all aspects of the mechanical room.

These three short lists will hopefully give you some confidence and remind you to consider what is inside the walls is just as important as what you see.

Our technicians are ticketed journeymen. That means that they know their building codes. While home inspectors are experts in homes, they may not have certifications in all those areas. At R&B, we are experts in plumbing, heating, and natural gas installation codes. If you are at all concerned about a code, and thus safety issue, call R&B.


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