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Highest Rated Local Plumber – Blog 3 – Insurance

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If you are looking for a go to company who will service your plumbing and heating needs, chances are you’ve Googled “highest rated local plumber”  You may also be wondering what makes R&B fall at the top of the category.  Part 3 of this series considers insurance.  What we need to have to serve you […]

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Best Local Plumbing Company – Blog 1 – Property Managers Love our Service

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Why you should choose R&B as your designated best local plumbing and HVAC service provider: Property Managers Love Our Service!  Let us help you with the juggling act of being a property manager by being the reliable, quick-responding, fix-it-right-the-first-time plumber for your apartment or condominium complex, shopping centre, or medical office building. We’ve being working with property […]

no hot water

Honey There’s No Hot Water

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Honey, there’s no hot water… Has this happened to you?  You are well into your morning routine and about to step into the shower only to discover it’s lake temperature instead of spa temperature?  Want to know a secret?  Even though I’m the wife of an excellent plumber, it’s happened to me.  Much like the […]

clogged kitchen sink

Clogged Kitchen Sink – Blog 3 – DIY Drain Cleaning

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From the life of a Plumber’s wife – what to do before you call First fill the sink and then drain it with the garburator on.   Sometimes the extra pressure of all that water with the power of the garburator behind it will push through the clog. As a maintenance and prevention measure you […]

clogged sink

Clogged Kitchen sink – Blog 1 – Series Introduction

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From the desk of a plumbers wife – clogged drain Would you like to know a secret?  We had a clogged drain in our kitchen sink of monumental proportions a few weeks ago and my first-hand experience has resulted in a series of tips from my DH who is also a master plumber. Even though […]

condensate pump

Condensate Pump – Blog 2 – An Elegant Solution to Flooding

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When your insurance company tells you they won’t cover another flood it’s time to look for a different approach and that’s just what this homeowner did when she decided to phone R&B. The answer as affected by our popular technician Malcolm, was elegantly simple.  His solution was to wire the furnace through the condensate pump.  […]